Lanterns for the connection between motor and pump, the complete range allows the choice between different product configurations such as monobloc lanterns, two and three module lanterns and soundproof lanterns, maximum power of the electric motor 400 Kw.

Joints for the transmission of motion between the electric motor and pump made of aluminum, cast iron and steel.

Elastic inserts of various hardnesses as a connecting element between the joints

Shock absorbing rings for vertical and horizontal installations in the tanks of the motor pump groups, mounting feet to support the motor pump groups when the motor is not equipped with feet.


The lanterns or mating bells are used as mechanical connection elements between the unified flange electric motor (up to 315kW) and the hydraulic pump to make the motor pump unit.

Made of aluminum alloy, they can be monoblock or sectional.

There are also soundproofed and cooled versions.

The elastic coupling joints allow the transmission of power up to 315kW; they are made of aluminum, steel and cast iron.

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