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Whatever your needs, we provide a wide range of hydraulic wet kits to satisfy them

Our hydraulic wet kits are capable to successfully deal with the most strict applications and operating conditions. D&D Ricambi Srl hydraulic wet kits are optimized in terms of oil capacity, flow rate and operating pressure, to ensure the highest levels of safety, reliability and performance in all operating conditions.

  • Wet kit for tipper semi-trailers
  • Wet kit for dump trucks
  • Wet kit for semi-trailers with sliding floor, for gas and liquids
  • Wet kit for tipper and sliding bed semi-trailers
  • Wet kit for semi-trailers with oil cooler for gas and liquids

A wide range of different sized gear and piston pumps allows you to select the best performing wet kit for each type of truck, gearbox and PTO. A full range of the highest quality steel and aluminum oil tanks for various mounting positions on the vehicle frame or behind the cab. The design ensures an optimized shape and an excellent ratio of size to volume, so as to take up as little space as possible, in accordance with the latest trends in today’s trucks.

The Bezares hydraulic kit includes a vast assortment of power take-offs, pumps, distributors, oil tanks, suction fittings, nipples, various fittings, supports, customized pipes and accessories; all can also be sold separately.


The hydraulic kit includes

  • Power take-offs (PTO)
  • Hydraulic pumps: gear, vane and piston
  • Oil tank: of various sizes in painted iron, aluminum or steel
  • Hydraulic valves: control / command valves, tipping valves, spool valves and end stroke valves
  • Any front cylinders, underbody cylinders
  • Command devices: consoles and controls, overturning commands, etc.
  • Filters and any other hydraulic components
  • Custom pipes and accessories: high and low pressure hoses, fittings, adapters and couplings, cables, gaskets, nipples, supports

Custom wet kits

We offer a variety of wet kits for all of your hydraulic applications in various sizes and to suit different applications. Maximize your truck’s capabilities with custom wet kits built for multiple applications.

Can’t find the wet kit you are looking for? We create custom wet kits that fit your specific needs. L’installazione del wet kit può essere personalizzata per soddisfare esigenze specifiche, tra cui serbatoi di diverse dimensioni, opzioni di montaggio del wet kit e tubi idraulici su misura.Wet kit installation can be customized to satisfy specific needs, including different sized tanks, wet kit mounting options, and customized hydraulic hoses.

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Wet kits available in various sizes and to suit different applications. Contact us so we can suggest the right kit for your custom needs. Our hydraulic specialists will guide you in purchasing the correct hydraulic kit for the specific components and application of your truck.

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