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Hydraulic cylinders
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Hydraulic cylinders
In hydraulic cylinders, two functional types can be distinguished: double-acting and single-acting cylinders. Only rapid traverse cylinders and telescopic cylinders are available as either single-acting or double-acting cylinders. Due to their function, it is possible to categorise hydraulic cylinders as below:

Single-acting Cylinders

Push action cylinders
Pull action cylinders
Rapid traverse cylinders
Telescopic cylinders

Double-acting Cylinders

Differential cylinders
Double rod cylinders
Tandem cylinders
Rapid traverse cylinders
Telescopic cylinders

Single-acting cylinders have one effective area, located on the bottom side, which can exert force in one direction only. In most hydraulic systems, these are designed as plunger cylinders and an external force is used to return the piston to its starting position: e.g. lifting devices, upstroke presses, etc.

If there is no force to return the piston to its starting position, springs must be applied. This is only possible with small cylinders due to the limited force and stroke length of the return springs. Examples of spring return single-acting cylinders are assembly tools and installation work.

Telescopic cylinders are used in hydraulic lifting applications, or where large amplitudes are needed but limited space is available, e.g. tipper trucks. The single or double-acting differential cylinder is generally used in mobile and industrial hydraulic systems. The most common design principles of the hydraulic differential cylinder in tie rod and mill type design are discussed below.

Tie rod cylinders are used in machine tools, the automotive industry, plastics machinery, transfer lines and other manufacturing devices. The main feature of the tie rod cylinder is its space-saving compact design, which makes it particularly suitable in manufacturing devices.

Key features of the tie rod cylinder:

Compact design
Wide mounting range
Limited piston diameter
Limited stroke length

The top and bottom of the tie rod cylinder, as well as the cylinder barrel, are connected together via four tie rods. Extended tie rods at the head or base of the cylinder may be used to mount the tie rod cylinder. Threaded holes and subplate mounting options are also included in the wide mounting range of the tie rod cylinder.

Typical parameters are:

Nominal pressure: up to 200 bar
Piston Ø: 25 to 360 mm
Piston rod Ø: 16 to 250 mm
Maximum stroke length: 2,000+ mm
Maximum stroke speed: 0.5 m/s

Mechanical engineering is the field of activity for mill type cylinders. They are used in mobile machinery, steel and iron works, civil engineering, presses, cranes, offshore applications and ship-building. The main feature of mill type cylinders is their robustness.

Key features of the mill type cylinder:

Robust design
High nominal pressure
Larger piston diameters
Long stroke length

The top and bottom of a mill type cylinder and the cylinder barrel are welded, screwed or tightly connected with bolts or retaining rings. Compared to tie rod cylinders, mill type cylinders have fewer mounting possibilities, however, standard mounting, such as clevis, flange, trunnion and foot mounting, are possible.

Servo cylinder systems are hydraulic cylinders with hydrostatic bearings. Hydrostatic bearings have low friction and are ideal in situations where high oscillation frequencies with small amplitudes are required. For example, materials testing devices and movement simulators.

Key features of a servo cylinder system:

Low friction
High dynamic response
High speeds

Servo cylinder systems are available with hydrostatic wedge cap bearings or with full hydrostatic bearings (cavity bearings). The type of bearings you need depends on the required speed of the hydraulic system in operation.


We provide our organization and our know-how, together with that of our partners, to meet every need of the customer. From the supply of components, hydraulic and pneumatic design and manufacture of customized hydraulic systems. 

D&D Ricambi Srl offers technical consulting, design and production of hydraulic systems according to specific customer requirements, assistance and plant maintenance, hydraulic and pneumatic components supply. 



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