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Hydraulic cylinders
D&D Ricambi Srl: the leader on supply of hydraulic components and systems
hydraulic components for construction, earthmoving, agricultural and industrial machinery

Hydraulic cylinders
D&D Ricambi Srl is specialized in providing hydraulic cylinders of all types and for each application field. 

To the standard production is added the production of cylinders made at specific design of the customer:
The realizable models are:
- Welded hydraulic cylinders
- Double-acting telescopic hydraulic cylinders
- Single-acting telescopic hydraulic cylinders
- Hydraulic cylinders according to ISO-6020/2
- Hydraulic cylinders with magnetic sensors and / or encoder



Position sensing and feedback devices enhance the functionality and productivity of a hydraulic system. At its simplest, a cylinder extends and retracts until it meets a physical obstacle or reaches the end of its stroke. The addition of controlling electronics allows the system designer to regulate velocity and acceleration, and to link associated processes to points in the cylinder's cycle. The resulting system combines the flexibility of electronic control with the unmatched power density of hydraulics, benefitting both the designer and end user.

D&D offers the world’s broadest range of standard and custom-engineered industrial cylinders to meet the needs of the most demanding applications including offshore drilling, steel mills, and machine tools. Our cylinder products include standard industrial tie rod, threaded, welded, mill duty, and custom pneumatic, hydraulic, and electro-hydraulic cylinders with bores ranging from 20 mm (0.75 in.) to 1500 mm (60 in.) bore and strokes up to 22m (900in.). 

Double Acting Cylinders
Single-Acting Cylinders
Ram-Type Cylinders
Custom Cylinder End Mechanisms
Hydraulic Cylinder Cushioning
Integral Cylinder Stop Tubes
Custom Cylinder Valve Blocks and Valves


In addition to standard production range, D&D is also able to offer customized production of cylinders to customer specifications: the equipment, the experience and the skills of the technical department allow the company to respond to the most diverse market requirements.

The items produced are:
- Master cylinders for CSA soldering
- Telescopic, double-effect master cylinders
- Telescopic, single-effect master cylinders
- ISO-6020/2 standard, double-effect master cylinders
- Master cylinders with magnetic sensors and/or encoder



 Hydraulic cylinders
  Parallel rods cylinders
  Standard hydraulic cylinders
  Inox steel cylinders
  Welded hydraulic cylinders
  Hydraulic cylinders with rods
  Double-acting hydraulic cylinders
  Hydraulic cylinders for special applications
  Heavy duty cylinders iso 6022
  Special cylinders on customer design
  Telescopic cylinders
  Plunger cylinders
  Rotary cylinders
  Custom hydraulic cylinders construction
  Tie rods servo-cylinders
  Light cylinders agricultural use
  Average-heavy use cylinders
  Front mount cylinders
  Hydraulic cylinders
  Hydraulic cylinders






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Thanks to the know-how and partnerships with global leaders suppliers of hydraulic components, our organization is able to offer customers the best solutions.

Our technical department is available to suggest the best solutions for every need.
Besides standard products supply, D&D Ricambi Srl provides custom solutions for small quantitatives.
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