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Hydraulic accumulators
D&D Ricambi Srl: the leader on supply of hydraulic components and systems
hydraulic components for construction, earthmoving, agricultural and industrial machinery
Pressure switches KD5
  This instrument connected with a pressure transduer allow the regulation of two different interventio point.
The dimension of the instrument allow the assembly to a panel likea normal manometer.
Pressure switches X5
  “X5” electronic pressure switches permit the actuation of an electronic microswitch upon reaching a value of pressure predetermined and to the regulation of the hysteresis value The operating point of minimum and maximum pressure is found working on two trimmer put on the top of the instrument, protected by a plug -rotating it in hourly sense the point of intervention is increased and vice versa it decreases. The instrument, totally solid state, is completely deprived of electromechanical or dynamic parts
Pressure switches KL5
  “KL5” electronic pressure switches permit the actuation of an electronic micro-switch upon reaching a predetermined pressure setting and to the continuous regulation of the hysteresis value. The right hand lever mounted on the instrument that is rotated forward to increase and reverse to decrease powers the maximum set point. The minimum set point of pressure hysteresis is adjustable by rotating the left hand lever of the instrument. The instrument completely solid state, it is totally without electromechanical or dynamic parts.
Pressure switches KLV5
  “KLV5” electronic pressure switches permit the regulation of two set point with adjustable hysteresis. Simple and intuitive in the programming, the KLV5 is equipped by display and electrical connection M12x1 or 30x30. Of compact construction provides a hydraulic connection 1/4"BSPF in nikel plated brass or AISI316L.
Pressure switches FL4
  The electronic pressure switch “FL4” series, designed for pneumatic use, allow the commutations of two electronic micro-switches once two different preset pressure values are reached.
They are provide with a 1>5 Volts analog output.
Supply with protective mask and panel fastener , this pressure switch thanks to small dimensions and to three and a half digit display is a product right for many applications with air , not corrosive and not combustible gas.
Pressure switches FL5
  The pressure-switches “FL5” series allow the commutation of two electronic micro-switches when two different pressure preset values are reached. Availble in two different version, with top or frontal display.
Ther are three type of electric connection, execution in piece body with M3 or M12 connector , available also with a adptor for panel assembly.
Pressure switches ATR141
  “ATR141” electronic pressure switches works together with inputs signal 4-20mA, 0-20mA or 0-10Volts. Suitable to be mounted on the electric panel in accordance to DIN and with dimension 36x72 and 60mm of deep, besides indicate the pressure or the temperature value, allow to set 2 alarm points with exchange contacts and adjustable hysteresis.
The instrument is also available in the “ED5V” execution with function of manometer.


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