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Borelli Oleodinamica
D&D Ricambi Srl: the leader on supply of hydraulic components and systems
hydraulic components for construction, earthmoving, agricultural and industrial machinery

Borelli Oleodinamica
Oleodinamica Borelli works in the field of mechanical and hydraulic components for hydraulic applied to agriculture, marine and industrial sectors.

In addition to this wide range of products in our catalogs, we can provide design details to meet your needs.

Joints for the transmission of motion between electric motor and pump built in, aluminum - cast iron and steel.

Elastic inserts of various hardnesses as a connecting element between the joints

Damping rings for vertical and horizontal installationsl in the tanks of diesel pump sets

Mounting feet as a support of the motor pump units when the engine lacks of legs


Electromagnetic clutches
The electromagnetic clutches 12 and 24 Volt Series 30900 allow hydraulic pumps arming and disarming used in the marine sector (boats and fishing boats), refuse collection vehicles, air conditioners etc ..., are also driven by pulley or connected to the front by sending a torque of 30 Nm, 100 Nm, 210 Nm, 300 Nm or 500 Nm


Mechanical clutches
The mechanical clutches 30100-30300-30500 series are used more in the use of marine winches, hoists, etc. .... They can be dragged with a pulley or coupled with diesel engines or directly on couplers, multipliers and reducers torques 80 Nm to 580 Nm


Speed multipliers
The multipliers are used for connection of hydraulic pumps to power take-offs for agricultural tractors, in accordance with SAE J 718 d standards.

The regime output from the unified force to 540 g / 1 is related to optimal operating regimes of hydraulic pumps. Other input arrangements are

Allowed with the condition that the arrangements for the output of the multipliers does not exceed 3000 g / 1 '. The couple expressed in the technical tables of individual multipliers are those related to continuous work and may be increased by 20% in intermittent conditions.



Speed reducers 
The reducers are used for connecting motors ORBITAL TYPE DANFOSS, construction equipment, winches, hoists and farm machinery for the collection of tomatoes, beets, etc. ... with flanges according to SAE SAE A and B.


Couplings and half couplings

Splined half-couplings series 10000 - 10500 - 13000 - 35000 and 35500 DIN 5482, in cemented and tempered steel 16CRNI4 for every type of application of gears and pistons hydraulic pumps with different range. They are applicable on the joints to chain type C and Z, splined joints elements and sleeve joints.

Splined elements joints for the control of hydraulic pumps, self-compensating radial off-centre and axial caused to wrong mounting on hydraulic power pack.

Chain-type couplings Series 16800 in steel 16CrNi4 cemented and tempered, predisposed for every type of mechanical transmission: applicable on electric motors UNEL/IEC from 0,25 to 132 Kw.

Chain-type couplings Series 16800 in steel 16CrNi4 cemented and tempered predisposed for every type of connection between hydraulic pump and endothermic motor.




Supports to independent transmission with tapered or cylindrical control shaft series 25400 and 25600 for hydraulically operated via pulley with belt, or via chain pinion. 



 Borelli Oleodinamica
  Electromagnetic clutches
  Mechanical clutches
  Speed multipliers
  Speed reducers
  Half couplings






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